Bed Stiffeners for Tacomas

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Bed Stiffeners for Tacomas

Our newest product in the AOD Fabrication lineup is ready for order!


  • Our Bed Stiffeners are CNC cut from 3/16 mild steel. 
  • Every set comes powder coated in a rugged texture black finish. 
  • Full seam bending, meaning you get maximum strength out your bed stiffeners.
  • Backing plates added to maximize strength and increase rigidity. These are designed to go behind the column in which you drill through. By adding these backing plates you are increasing the strength of the column immensely.
    • The column is only sheet metal, so by simply using a nut and bolt combo, without any added backing plates, you are effectively losing strength and creating added stress on your bed. By adding our backing plate, you have now created a lamination of the bed stiffener, column and backing plate. 
  • Full set of Stainless Steel Hardware included with every order. 
  • 3 additional cutouts designed for extra strap points to secure your gear. 
    • No load ratings are implied.
  • drilling is required for installation.
  • Designed to fit all 2nd and 3rd gen Tacomas. (2005-2021) 
  • Utilizes existing bolts. D-ring can be re-installed by choice. 


- For anyone seeking to prevent bed flexing, and reinforce the rear bed columns by the tailgate. If you are running a camper shell, RTT, or bed racks you will experience cracking and flexing. Highly recommended to install if you do any amount of off road driving as the bed will experience flexing, potentially leading to cracking. 

Lead times are subject to availability and stock. We are currently experiencing a 8-10 day lead time on all orders. 

manufactured 100% in B.C. Canada

Shipping to USA and Canada 

We are not liable for any damage caused to your truck during the installation process.