Bed Mount Panel for Tacoma

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Our Mount Panels made for Tacomas are made locally in Canada, packed with an amazing selection of features. CNC cut from steel, and finished with a rugged, durable powdercoat it will be sure to outlast all your adventures. 

Key Features:

Vibration Dampeners: We include with every order, vibration dampers that install to every mount point. Eliminates all rattles, shakes, squeaks and annoying vibrations.

Variable Mount Points: No longer will you need to sacrifice your equipment to install a panel. With our  extensive product testing on multiple trucks, we found its best to let the user choose where the mount points are. Making it install friendly with all canopies, campers, tonneau covers, RTT racks and any other accessories.  

Integrated Bottle opener: For when you just cant seem to remember where you left your bottle opener, you'll always know where you can find one. 

Truck Compatibility: Compatible with all Tacomas within the 2nd gen and 3rd gen family. Short bed And Long bed.

Extreme Versatility:  Coming with the most mount positions available across any competitors on the market, you'll be sure to never run into mounting issues. Our carefully thought out layout will supply you with every possible position to mount any and everything you need.  

Full Stainless Steel Hardware:  included in every order is pre-packaged hardware. Everything you need to install will be included.

Powdercoated Finish: All panels will come with a highly durable and rugged powdercoat. Allowing each panel to stand up to every piece of gear you throw on it. 

 Must have Storage box panel for install: If you do not have the storage box option on your truck, you can install by drilling 2 mount holes there place.  


View the article written by TrailTacoma. Includes install instructions, a detailed overview of our panels, and what to expect when you order from us! 

Link to article: CLICK HERE




Due to Covid, there have been many shipping delays to cross the CAN/USA border. We are doing everything we can to ensure prompt delivery. 

Pricing is in Canadian Dollars. All orders are subject to an 8 business day lead time due to scheduled courier pickup dates.

Locally made and shipped from British Columbia, Canada